Silver-white reflections

For Volvo Car Netherlands, we created a magazine in which the possibilities of special printing are fully exploited.

We used no less than four types of paper and seven types of ink. This allowed us to simulate snow with silver and add extra layers. For example, in highlighting the accessories.

In addition to the graphic design, we took care of the concept and editorial design.

Special printed matter with four types of paper and seven types of ink

The magazine was on the mat of 100,000 Volvo owners at the beginning of the winter season. It alternates interviews with accessories, articles on safety, winter landscapes and tips for the coming season. The QR codes can be used to make an appointment with your own dealer, to shop or to read further.

The transparent paper is printed with two layers of top white and copper. Thanks to the perfect binding, the rims fit exactly to the full-colour printing.

The interior also contains dark blue paper. The interviews are printed in silver and in copper, they are supplemented with relevant facts and tips.

The full colour photography is printed on matte white paper. We were able to have the Scandinavian winter landscapes beautifully printed with the help of a professional lithographer.

The silver photography is printed diapositively because the paper is not white, but dark blue.

The cover is printed with silver on dark blue paper. After a number of printing tests, this ink turned out to give the correct snow reflection. Because the ink is opaque, it lies very nicely on the paper.

It was very nice working together with Volvo and all parties involved.

Print production ā€“ Platform Pā 
Paper ā€“ Igepa & Gmundpaper
Lithography ā€“ APS Group