A lookbook magazine with inspiring content and unique covers.

With this magazine Tchai International shares everything that sparks them, from art to retail concepts and ways of living. Designed in collaboration with Rianne Petter.

International Creative Media Award – Gold, Magazine Concept.

The themes are reflected in the material use. ‘The China issue’ uses highly reflective gold on the inside of the cover, and transparent gold in the interior.

# 3 introduces ‘tchi’ – the contraction of tchai and chi – as the magazine’s title. Chi stands for life force. We have modernized the Chinese character, and intertwined it with the hashtag.

The magazine is a lookbook, but one with content. In order to make the images stand out, the magazine has a large format and contains two paper sizes.

Image and text are separated. The large pages only contain photos and the small ones only text.

The photography is left untouched and displayed as large as possible. Even long articles don’t restrict the images because they have their own space on smaller pages.

The magazine uses five types of paper. The translucent gold pages gave us the possibility to layer our designs. The large glossy and matte pages add extra liveliness to the spreads.

Each article has a bespoke cover, in the style of the spread.

The editions are characterised by a distinctive theme. #1 is the ‘Rotterdam’ issue, #2 the ‘green’ issue, #3 the ‘China’ issue and #4 the ‘connection’ issue.