Little finds

Wishing you light and clarity for 2024 – and a bit of magic

With our New Years wish, each year we make something we’ve never made before. This year we wanted to work with light. Not using ink whatsoever.

The totally blank card holds a message. It can be read by keeping it up to the light. A discovery to be made by the unsuspecting receiver.

Super thin and strong Japanese paper ensures legibility. It gives the card a distinct gentle feel at the same time.

Part of our practice is material research, in this case paper and ink. We look for a form that lacks nothing and is just right to convey a certain idea or message.

Living in a era that seems dominated by digital achievements and AI, we feel that tactility and other sensory experiences are extra meaningful.

The small gesture of direct contact with a physical object, or even it’s subtle weight or sound, is a powerful way to provoke wonder.

This type of connection, unable for a screen to make, opens up other dimensions of the human experience.

Since we couldn’t find the right silver envelopes, these ones were custom made. A bit of boldness to contrast with the delicate card.

Published in Dutch and English
Duplexing & finishing: De Kijm & Zonen