Building blocks from plastic waste

Unibrick provides a solution for two global problems at the same time: plastic waste and a shortage of affordable housing.

Based on the brand strategy of Nicole Sanberg (SNBRG&son), we developed the visual identity.

Global overpopulation of cities leads to large-scale shortage of affordable housing causing the expansion of slum settlements. At the same time it causes a huge stream of waste with unimaginable amounts of plastic. Unibrick provides the technology, service and knowledge to help communities build sustainable homes together. Building blocks made of plastic waste enable realizing proper homes at a relatively low price.

Unibrick’s simplicity, form and optimism formed the starting point for the logo: simple, recognizable and easy.

The remarkable shape of the block could not help but become part of the logo.
Building self esteem, brick by brick

This building process extends far beyond the bricks. We captured community building, the effort of connecting and strengthening the community, in a grid that can be filled in in several ways. The grid is based on the building block’s ingenious shape. Walls, corners and recesses are realized with just one interlocking stone.


‘One house not only puts a roof above a family‚Äôs head, it also creates new value for 6000 kilos of plastic waste.’

The clear visual language for education and instruction purposes, underlines Unibrick's guarantee of being easy to use.

Brand strategy: SNBRG&son